Robert St. John (1914-1996) was the founder of Metamorphosis.  He was a British naturopath. During his time working as a naturopath, he noticed that most approaches to healing were symptomatic.  He saw people got better from their symptoms only for the issue to reoccur, or they would later present with a new symptom.


Robert reasoned that the reason most people were reexperiencing their problem was because the underlying patterns of stress causing the symptoms in the first place were never addressed. This is our unconscious underlying tension (stress pattern) from which he saw we were all living and acting out our lives from.


Reflexology inspired Robert to develop Metamorphosis.  He noticed while studying reflexology that there were many maps of the feet- all different. Yet, they all produced results! He learned that reflex points were acting as symbols for the intent given to them.  The use of these reflex points became the beginning of the basis for developing Metamorphosis. It was first known as Prenatal Therapy. 


Metamorphosis is life changing because it creates a way out of your own habitual stress pattern.  Using the reflex points on the feet, hands, head, and spine the practitioner uses a gentle touch to shine a light on the points of tension. This act of holding space for another allows the person receiving to come into a place of pure balance within.  

Metamorphosis is a gentle and relaxing modality that produces true change!

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